Token Management

Why should a token need to be configured?

First and foremost, the security token itself needs to be configured in a way that allows for proper management by the issuer and easy understanding of what the token is by tokenholders. A security token is a regulated instrument and our goal through design is to ensure that our users can easily meet the regulations and laws required of them, based on guidance from their legal and financial advisors. Once a token is created it already has attributes added to the token but that doesn't mean that the token is locked once created.

What aspects of the token can be configured?

Token Studio allows users to edit token details like token name and the funding round you assigned previously. If you change your mind about token divisibility you can change the divisibility of the token but only if it has not be distributed yet or if you are changing it from indivisible to divisible. In regards to extra documentation added to the token you are able to delete, edit or add references/documents attached to your token. Transfer ownership of the token to another DID so that they can manage it. Disable / enable token transfers. This functionality can be used if you wish to stop your security token from being transferred from holders to other DIDs.