Summary of Features

This page summarizes the functionality available in the Token Studio SDK

High Level Walkthrough

The Token Studio SDK walkthrough documentation is segmented into feature overviews.

Each feature showcases a specific set of functionalities in the Token Studio platform. This documentation will focus solely on interacting with the SDK.

We recommend visiting Github if you need further information regarding the documentation.

Feature: Token Creation

  • Reserve an available ticker for 60 days at a time

    • Currently, there is a protocol fee for this functionality

  • Configure a token by entering its details like token name, asset type, funding round, any external identifier like ISIN or CUSIP or internally used identifier, attach URLs of references such as PPMs, Investor Relations web pages, etc.

    • Currently, there is a protocol fee for this functionality

Feature: Token Management

  • Edit token details like token name and the funding round you assigned previously. Additionally, you can change the divisibility of the token but only if it has not be distributed yet or if you are changing it from indivisible to divisible.

  • Delete, edit or add references attached to your token

  • Transfer ownership of the token to another DID so that they can manage it

  • Disable / enable token transfers. This functionality can be used if you wish to stop your security token from being transferred from holders to other DIDs.

Feature: Token Compliance

  • Identify list of approved attestations providers by their DID and manage this list by adding/removing providers

  • Create n token rules with m conditions

    • In the Token Studio UI created by Polymath, only one token rule with multiple conditions can be created; however, the SDK allows users to create multiple token rules with multiple conditions

    • These rules can be created to enforce sender requirements or receiver requirements for compliant token transfers

  • Pause and unpause these token rules

Feature: Attestations Management

  • Write attestations (such as affiliation, accreditation, KYC verification, and jurisdiction) to any DID so that they can or cannot send or receive your security token based on your token rules

  • Remove or edit these attestations

Feature: Mint & Distribute

*This functionality is currently going through updates to be supported by the Polymesh settlement engine*

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