Token Creation

What is a security token?

Digital securities that represent traditional liquid (equities, bonds, debts) and illiquid (real estate, art, intellectual property) assets. Just like a stock is a representation of a partial claim to a company a security token is a representation of a tangible/intangible asset.

What is the token creation process?

Before a token is created you will be prompted to reserve a ticker on the polymesh chain. Following that you will be asked to fill in further token details to initially set up your token.

What is a ticker reservation?

Represents a reserved token symbol in the Polymesh chain. Ticker reservations expire after a set length of time, after which they can be reserved by another identity. A Ticker must be previously reserved by an identity for that identity to be able create a Security Token with it. You are able to reserve tickers for 60 days at a time, currently there is a protocol fee to reserve a ticker.

What information goes into a token?

After reserving your tokenโ€™s ticker symbol, youโ€™ll be walked through a series of inputs, such as, token name, asset type, security identifier like an ISIN or CUSIP, funding round, and divisibility of the token (i.e., can this token be held and transferred in full tokens or in fractions). Finally, we allow users to add reference material to the token so that their tokenholders can access all the necessary documentation in one place. Currently there is a protocol fee for this functionality.

Further technical details

If you need further information on rules please refer to the API documentation below.