Contract used to store layout for the USDTieredSTO storage (USDTieredSTOStorage.sol)

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↘ Derived Contracts: USDTieredSTO, USDTieredSTOProxy




struct Tier {
uint256 rate,
uint256 rateDiscountPoly,
uint256 tokenTotal,
uint256 tokensDiscountPoly,
uint256 mintedTotal,
mapping(uint8 => uint256) minted,
uint256 mintedDiscountPoly

Contract Members

Constants & Variables

//internal members
bytes32 internal constant INVESTORSKEY;
mapping(bytes32 => mapping(bytes32 => string)) internal oracleKeys;
contract IERC20[] internal usdTokens;
mapping(address => bool) internal usdTokenEnabled;
mapping(bytes32 => mapping(bytes32 => address)) internal customOracles;
//public members
mapping(address => uint256) public nonAccreditedLimitUSDOverride;
bool public allowBeneficialInvestments;
bool public isFinalized;
address public treasuryWallet;
uint256 public currentTier;
uint256 public fundsRaisedUSD;
mapping(address => uint256) public stableCoinsRaised;
mapping(address => uint256) public investorInvestedUSD;
mapping(address => mapping(uint8 => uint256)) public investorInvested;
uint256 public nonAccreditedLimitUSD;
uint256 public minimumInvestmentUSD;
uint256 public finalAmountReturned;
struct USDTieredSTOStorage.Tier[] public tiers;