How to set up and use the POLY Faucet

Summary: This is the Poly faucet for local private networks.

How the Faucet Works:

This feature is for getting the Issuer Account funded so that you can go through the processes of setting up your STO, editing it, launching it and much more.

How to Use this CLI Feature (Instructions):

In order to get your issuer account funded you need to run the following commands to get POLY.

To start, run either of the following commands (note- the inputs in brackets are optional):

$ node CLI/polymath-cli faucet [beneficiary] [amount] OR $ node CLI/polymath-cli f [beneficiary] [amount]

Example Output:

Welcome to the POLY Faucet.
Issuer Account: 0x02d502D968d3dBa68A9Db31B656fb0201dD0151f
Hello user, your current balance is '1000000 POLY'

Note: Above you can see that the account had already been funded with a large POLY balance

[1] 250 POLY for ticker registration
[2] 500 POLY for token launch + ticker reg
[3] 20K POLY for CappedSTO Module
[4] 20.5K POLY for Ticker + Token + CappedSTO
[5] 100.5K POLY for Ticker + Token + USDTieredSTO
[6] As many POLY as you want
[7] 10K USD Tokens

As seen above, you simply select the option you want for funding by choosing one of the number options.

Example Scenario:

What do you want to do? [1...7 / 0]: 5
Selected: 100.5K POLY for Ticker + Token + USDTieredSTO
Enter beneficiary of 100.5K POLY ('0x02d502D968d3dBa68A9Db31B656fb0201dD0151f'): 0x02d502D968d3dBa68A9Db31B656fb0201dD0151f

Above, we selected a 100.5 k POLY

Example Output:

---- Transaction executed: getTokens - Gas limit provided: 44239 ----
Your transaction is being processed. Please wait...
TxHash: 0x1280112b75c723142d73c07c7dc3713f33f85e50b4d4d92fca0b694469e2d90f
Congratulations! The transaction was successfully completed.
Gas used: 36866 - Gas spent: 0.0018433 Ether
Review it on Etherscan.
TxHash: 0x1280112b75c723142d73c07c7dc3713f33f85e50b4d4d92fca0b694469e2d90f
Congratulations! balance of 0x02d502D968d3dBa68A9Db31B656fb0201dD0151f address is 1100500 POLY

Above, the account was just funded more POLY and I can now go about registering a ticket, setting my STO up, etc...

Troubleshooting / FAQs