• This CLI feature allows Transfers of Ownership of an own contract to another account

How it works

This feature command takes in two inputs: 1. The contract address of your security token 2. The ETH address you want to transfer ownership to

Ownership is then transferred once the command has been entered.

How to Use this CLI Feature (Instructions):

Run the following command with your specific inputs:

$ node CLI/polymath-cli transfer_ownership <contractAddress> <transferTo>

Example output

$ node CLI/polymath-cli transfer_ownership 0x4f48d6a0c822aeee6d33bd7ec4bcbf6904759647 0xb80ebb264e15d1e4c03040e1497881fc4fff2652
---- Transaction executed: transferOwnership - Gas limit provided: 36686 ----
Your transaction is being processed. Please wait...
TxHash: 0x305523a011e62e86d2abff80b3648b745a845af2011dacc9033f29acec4ee413
Congratulations! The transaction was successfully completed.
Gas used: 30572 - Gas spent: 0.0015286 Ether
Review it on Etherscan.
TxHash: 0x305523a011e62e86d2abff80b3648b745a845af2011dacc9033f29acec4ee413
Ownership transferred successfully. New owner is 0xb80ebb264e15d1E4c03040e1497881FC4fff2652

Troubleshooting / FAQs

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