Welcome to the Polymath Core Wiki

Before running the CLI and testing out the contracts from the perspective of the issuer/investor, please make sure to reference and understand How Polymath Works

Polymath: Walking through the CLI

The Polymath CLI allows for users (investors/issuers) to walk themselves through all the details and processes of an STO.

You can easily navigate through it with the sidebar directory in order to run the CLI and set up and test the following:

Everything you need to get the CLI up and running.

All of the CLI commands that you can run through and test.

Guides technical users through the creation and deployment of an ST-20 token

Guides technical users in the creation of an STO

This is the POLY faucet for local private netwtorks.

The investor portal allows investors to participate in any STO they have been whitelisted for.

Manage your Security Tokens, mint tokens, add modules and change configurations


Transfer allows users to transfer Security tokens to another accounts

Transfer Ownership allows for the transfer of an own contract to another account

Manage the issuance of dividends to your investors

Control transfers settings between investors

Manage the contracts you are using for your STO

Grants/revoke permissions for investors/issuers accounts

Increases time on EVM according to given value allowing the tester to travel to the future and test out the Polymath contracts.

Style Guide

The polymath-core repo follows the Solidity style guide.

Links to Reference